Kenneth Creed

Executive Director UWS-USA

Personal values: To have the empathy to understand the challenges of the people of the world and to accept differences in myself and others. To be driven by passion. To live mindfully. To be patient. To seek joy – there is a lot of it if you look for it.

Core skills : Innovation. Team building. Leadership. Perseverance. Mostly properly timed humor.

I am part of UWS because:

We all have a duty to do good things for the world. I became a teacher to channel the next generation of young people to use their knowledge to make the world better. Playing my role at UWS allows me to accomplish two goals: Have direct impact on the needs of the world’s people and give access to others to do the same. Win win.

Favourite quote of the moment:

Development is not charity, it is investing in people’s capacity.” – Sara Pantuliano, Chief Executive ODI

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