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With you on board, we can make their voice even louder.

Every year of schooling a child receives as a result of your support, adds 9% to their potential hourly earnings later in life. With your backing, we’ll reach more children.

Get involved in our mission to eradicate education poverty

A corporate partnership is a way to show people what you really stand for – it shows your values are more than well-intentioned blurb for your website and ESG strategy. And because your employees, investors, shareholders and customers all get a little kick from the feel-good factor of the partnership too, you’re likely to experience better engagement, loyalty, investment, and maybe even an uplift in sales in return.

You can fundraise, donate, sponsor an event, or launch a brand campaign with us – or do a bit of everything.

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Make a difference. See the impact.

Whether it’s a UWS fellow deployed to catalyse learning in one of our schools, attendance boosted from WASH facilities or new school facilities – your support will leave a lasting legacy on a community. And we’ll keep you informed via regular impact reports.

Volunteering opportunities for your employees

Paint a classroom, build a fence, engage in life at a school – if the right opportunity arises, we can invite your people to get hands on and experience the impact of UWS’ work first hand. Volunteering can be arranged to complement your fundraising efforts (such as trekking in Nepal, the Angkor Wat Marathon in Cambodia) or to directly support an initiative in one of the communities we’re working in.

Make a lasting impact in a way that suits you.

Donate regularly or send us a one-off corporate gift. Or maybe explore how the Work for Good fundraising platform could allow you to contribute in a way that works for your business. For example, through the sales of your products and services. We also work with brands and partners big and small and across sectors to co-create eye-opening content and social medial campaigns to shine a bigger spotlight on the education crisis and the impact of UWS schools.

However you work with us, a dedicated UWS partnership manager will work with you to make sure what we do together fulfils your corporate social responsibility and business objectives.

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