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Disease or good health.
Climate threat or climate resilience. Inequality or justice.
Your donation shifts the balance to the world we want.

Your major donation and support will help us on our SDG4-achieving mission to democratise access to schools and strengthen education systems. And this means more parents get to see their children lead the charge towards a better future.

Philanthropy on your terms

Whether it’s giving a large donation or contributing your talent or influence — there are many ways for people with resource or skills to accelerate our mission towards zero education poverty. However you choose to make your philanthropic contribution, we’ll make sure its illiteracy-combating, poverty-defeating, discrimination-beating potential is maximised. And, as a UWS philanthropist, we will keep you updated on our work and ensure you see the full impact of your giving.

Your philanthropic gift could also unlock additional funding from larger grant makers, exponentially amplifying the impact of your generosity.

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Our model is low cost, high impact and sustainable

Unrestricted donations contribute to our most impactful programmes. For £130K, we can build, develop and run a school in a new community for 7 years (after which it will transition to local control.) In UWS communities, a major donation is life-changing for a whole community for years.

Building schools is only one part of what your funds will support

So far, we’ve built more than 285 schools, but our work is about more than increasing this number. It’s about supporting and empowering communities to challenge the cultural barriers that are preventing more children entering and staying in education. It’s working with authorities to raise the standards of learning experiences and finding sustainable access to clean water, sanitation and energy, so UWS schools can continue to evolve and grow way beyond our involvement.

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Giving a philanthropic gift