As a change-making organisation, we spearhead high-impact and transformative projects that reshape the status quo.

Girls’ education

April 2023 marked the start of our 3-year inclusive education project developed in partnership with the FCDO. This initiative is helping 13,825 girls across 211 remote communities in Nepal and Cambodia claim their right to a primary education.

We’re taking SDG4-achieving action to make education more equitable. This will empower more girls with the education they need to lead the charge for change. Because now more than ever, communities need the input and leadership of girls to tackle their greatest challenges.

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Fellowship programme

We’re deploying fellows into schools to raise the benchmark for learning experiences and mobilise education-led change in schools and local communities.

The UWS Fellowship program captures the talent and enthusiasm of the young leaders of tomorrow to mobilise social change in schools and local communities. Each highly skilled UWS fellow supports as many as 150 children to stay in school longer and gain a life-changing education.

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Drop-out Prevention

Across 127 communities in Cambodia and Nepal, we’re providing targeted support to tackle the reasons why so many children do not complete primary school education.

In 2021, we began a three-year programme to help more than 5,000 children at-risk of dropping out to stay in school. So far, we’ve developed customised retention plans for 3,681 students through this project.

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Our SDG6-boosting WASH project supports students, teachers and community members to claim their human right to access safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

By ensuring all UWS schools are equipped with running water and well-maintained toilet facilities, we unlock health and wellbeing benefits for the whole community. This is in addition to a significant uplift in both school attendance and attainment.

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