Running Schools


It’s a life-saving,
poverty-eradicating, world-defining,
blueprint of limitless possibility.

Running schools is a multi-layered mission. It encompasses everything from staffing to teacher training, curriculum development to sourcing classroom resources, as well as site maintenance

Empowering sustainable change

From supporting further learning and increasing equity and social mobility, to reducing poverty and strengthening economies – a high quality early education can change the legacy of a community. The impact of education is even shown in improving health, wellbeing, and life expectancy. For example, a child born to an educated mother is 50% more likely to be immunised and twice as likely to survive past the age of five.

This makes it critically important that the strengthened systems we create continue to flourish, beyond our involvement.

Local voices are at the heart of every program

Our approach to delivering education is based on collaboration and grounded in principles of being locally-led, sustainable and inclusive. By working in partnership with communities, organisations, stakeholders and governments, each of our schools follows a phased pathway to transition into the national education system.

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