Building Schools


It’s a death-defying,
life-changing, girl-powering,
catalyst of limitless possibility.

From earthquake-proof designs in Nepal, to schools which double-up as cyclone shelters in Madagascar – we collaborate with local partners to make sure every UWS school is built with local context and national standards in mind.

Educating to amplify opportunity

When a child has a formal education, new pathways open for their future. But when the nearest classroom is a five hour walk away, the opportunity to learn feels too far out of reach. We’re building and resourcing schools to create inspiring learning environments for the next generation of scientists, engineers, politicians and teachers. The more schools we’re able to build, the more SDG-smashing potential is unlocked.

UWS has built over 280 schools across remote communities in Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar and Madagascar. That’s more than 55,000 children empowered with a future-changing education.

Building schools is just the start

We believe schools where children can thrive are created by community and collaboration. UWS works with governments and local change-makers at every step – from sourcing appropriate land and local building materials, to finding the people who lay the bricks and staff the classrooms. It’s an approach that in the short term creates local construction work and in the long term encourages community ownership.

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