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With 244 million children worldwide currently out of school this demands an heroic effort. What about the heroes within your school?

Education is the difference between disease and good health. Between crushing poverty and economic growth. Between inequality and limitless potential. Our schools partnerships put your school at the heart of our future-changing mission.

School discos, a sports day, a raffle, a step challenge or a bake sale – however, you fundraise, the money you raise is life-saving. Educated mothers are 50% more likely to immunize their children than mothers with no schooling. As a result, their children are twice as likely survive past the age of five. UWS provides a child with primary education for less than £100 a year.

Join more than 100 UWS Partner Schools worldwide in raising funds to allow UWS to build and operate schools where no schools existed before.

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We put local voices at the heart of our work. We want your children to connect with these voices and become an inspirational force for change in the future. Through our Partner Schools Portal, we invite you to learn how children live in the countries where we work. By raising awareness of what a day in the life of a child in Cambodia is like and how far the walk to the nearest school is in remote areas of Nepal, the curiosity of the children in your school adds momentum for our zero education poverty mission for years to come.

Unlock the change-making power in your school.

Our school partners include public and private organisations, Kindergartens to high schools, as well as university clubs. We currently have more than 100 schools initiating creative ways to support the work of UWS. Giving an unrestricted donation allows us to focus your money exactly to where it’s needed most. As a UWS partner, we’ll keep you updated on our work so you can share the impact of your fundraising efforts with your school community.

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