Our Approach


Whether we’re building schools or training teachers, shaping curriculums or strengthening infrastructure, our goal is to give every child sustainable access to a high-quality education.

In the remote communities UWS works, access remains the biggest barrier to education. We partner with rural communities that are marginalised from state education systems to give every child access to a safe and inclusive learning environment.

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Education systems are only as good as the teachers who provide the schooling. We train teachers to deliver an interactive curriculum that inspires our students to become active, lifelong learners.

Getting children into school isn’t enough. Children need high quality teaching and an engaging curriculum in order to complete primary education with the skills and knowledge they need to choose their own futures.

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When children are deprived of the opportunity to learn, they’re also denied the chance to take part in their communities, the workforce and to influence decisions that most affect them.

Inclusive systems ensure every child feels safe and included whilst learning. But they demand changes at all levels of society. We influence governments and embolden schools and communities to adopt and endorse practices that reduce the barriers to and within education.

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Sustainable Communities

Our role is to galvanise a movement of changemakers in communities and governments, so the impact of UWS projects is felt for many years after our involvement.

Our projects build capacity not dependency. So, whether we’re improving health and wellbeing, creating new job opportunities, or increasing communities’ resilience to climate threats, we make sure local voices are engaged and involved in everything we do.

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Strengthened Systems

By collaborating with both local and regional government bodies, our work is represented and communicated across all country levels.

Strengthened systems are the backbone of educational development. By sharing our work, innovations, and best practice with national bodies, we give communities the ability to assert influence over the standards set for policy, curriculum, and infrastructure.

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