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March 8, 2024

This International Women’s Day 2024, hear from some of the incredible women across UWS. Together, we are driving change and inspiring inclusion in the classroom and beyond.

In this blog, some of our female colleagues and supporters kindly reflected on what inclusion means to them and how they are inspiring inclusion through their work – today and every day.

You will hear from Jeannette Rakotoniaina; Education Specialist for UWS Madagascar, Sreynak Hun; Education Program Manager for UWS Cambodia, Natasha Kafle; Senior Education Manager for UWS Nepal, and Susie Ma, CEO of Tropic Skincare and long-term supporter of UWS. 

Here are the voices of just some of the women who inspire inclusion and choose to challenge gender inequality every day through their work at UWS. Thank you to every single teacher, education officer, community member, staff member and volunteer who champions female education and gender equality.


“Inclusion means creating spaces where everyone feels they truly belong. It is about celebrating our differences and creating a community where everyone’s voice matters”

– Sreynak Hun, UWS Cambodia

Jeannette Rakotoniaina, UWS Madagascar: Inclusion is what allows an individual, or a group, to integrate, to participate and to feel valued with confidence so that they can achieve their full potential.

Natasha Kafle, UWS Nepal: Inclusion is about creating safe, secure and equitable places for everyone, particularly girls, women, people across different gender and sexuality spectrums, and individuals with disabilities, such that they get a fair chance to contribute and thrive.

Susie Ma, Tropic Skincare and UWS supporter: Inclusion, for me, means quite literally including everybody, regardless of their geographical location, their age, the colour of their skin, their background, their beliefs. Everyone is included in terms of what they deserve to have – from education to career progression and everything else that life has to offer.


“A teacher training programme that supports teachers in making each UWS school an inclusive space where every child, boy and girl, feels welcomed and valued.”

– Jeannette Rakotoniaina, UWS Madagascar

Sreynak Hun, UWS Cambodia: At UWS, I’m inspiring inclusion by amplifying voices of students and children with disabilities, and other children from diverse backgrounds in the remote communities in Cambodia. I discuss with key stakeholders how to make inclusion work and open dialogue, creating spaces where everyone feels heard, valued and understood.

Jeannette Rakotoniaina, UWS Madagascar: I inspire inclusion by supporting the education system in the development of teacher training programmes in Madagascar. A training programme that supports teachers in making each UWS school an inclusive space where every child, boy and girl (without distinction), feels welcomed and valued.

We work with parents and local leaders to help them participate so that every child can build a new future through education. So that they will have the chance to succeed together.

“Together with these women and girls, we are building brighter communities and schools for a better future”

– Natasha Kafle, UWS Nepal

Natasha Kafle, UWS Nepal: Inclusion at the core of all programmes at UWS Nepal. One powerful example of inclusion in action is the formation of support networks, like Mothers’ Groups and Girls’ Clubs in every UWS school.

Women and girls of these groups meet regularly. They discuss health, education, finances and safety. They empower each other and ensure their voices are heard and if any concerns arise, they even hold the school accountable for a fair and supportive learning environment. Together with these women and girls, we are building brighter communities and schools for a better future.

Susie Ma, Tropic Skincare and UWS supporter: We’re inspiring inclusion all over the world through our work with UWS. By teaching the unreached and reaching children in some of the most remote parts of the world and giving them access to education.

United World Schools is committed to challenging gender inequality in every facet of our work, and the passion and commitment of our female colleagues and community members is essential to achieving our mission. To find out more about how we champion gender equality in the communities we work in, and across our organisation, read our inclusion policy. 

Give back this International Women’s Day – just £10 could educate a girl for an entire month.

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