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November 20, 2019

United World Schools

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Since 2009, we have been on a mission to teach the unreached. When we opened our first school in Cambodia, we intended to give the children living in one remote village the opportunity to learn to read, write and count for the first time. As neighbouring villages began to ask for our support, we knew we had to help, and United Schools was born. Fast forward to November 2019, when we celebrated the opening of UWS Srae Ample School, our 100th school in Cambodia!

Meet the Srae Ampel community

Srae Ampel Village lies in the Mondulkiri Province of Eastern Cambodia. Over 460 people live here, with the majority of them from the Phnong ethnic minority group. Very few adults in the community are able to read, write, count or speak the national language, with most relying on subsistence farming to survive. Without an education, this is one of the few opportunities families have to earn a basic income. Education was an urgent priority for this village. 

We partnered with the community to change this 

In November 2019, students, parents, community members, government officials, and the UWS Cambodia Team came together to celebrate the opening of the first ever school in Srae Ampel village. With the support of one of our partners, Jacaranda, we are now providing education to over 90 children.

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