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It’s official – 1000 teachers now work in our schools across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. Our teachers are at the heart of everything we do: inspiring students, bringing the curriculum to life and cementing our community links.

Our newest teacher in Myanmar, Moh Moh Lwin, shares her story with us.

Do you remember your favourite teacher, and the impact they had on your life? Moh Moh Lwin became a teacher because she knows how important good teachers are to a child. For Moh Moh Lwin, every one of her students is important. Her first priority in her new role was to get to know each child individually. She says:

“This is a very new village where people migrate from different places. Even though all of the children are Lahu [ethnicity], they have different cultural practices and beliefs. As a teacher, I had to understand each child and their family so that the school can provide a familiar environment for the children.”

– Moh Moh Lwin

Moh Moh Lwin is from the Akha tribe, so she understands what it is like to live as an indigenous person. Her family speak the Akha language, which has no written form and is not spoken widely outside of her community. It was important to Moh Moh Lwin to learn other languages so that she could communicate with the wider world and understand her teachers at school.

Now, as well as Akha, Moh Moh Lwin speaks Lahu and Burmese, the Myanmar national language. This means she can translate the national curriculum into the same language her students speak, while teaching them Burmese, so that they can have the same opportunities she does.

As a UWS teacher, she receives regular visits from her designated Education Officer – an education specialist who supports teacher training. She is enjoying regular development sessions, saying: “I am getting a lot of new knowledge, skills and experiences.”

It’s not an easy time to be a teacher. As schools are still closed in Myanmar due to the coronavirus pandemic, Moh Moh Lwin is providing flexible education. This includes holding socially-distanced group sessions outdoors and going house-to-house to deliver learning resources and check-in on student wellbeing. Moh Moh Lwin is taking this in her stride. She says: “I am very busy but very happy.” Welcome to the team, Moh Moh Lwin!


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