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December 26, 2023

United World Schools

5 mins

We’re journeying to Nepal to check in on our Happily Ever Smarter project which we’re delivering in partnership with the UK Government.

Happily Ever Smarter was a UWS appeal which ran from April-July 2021 backed by the UK government as part of the UK Aid Match initiative.

Our Happily Ever Smarter project began in April 2022, and now, just over 18 months later, we want to share how we’ve been getting on.

Education is key to helping children live Happily Ever Smarter

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, with an economy largely dependent on tourism. As a result, government investment in education has been limited, tending only to reach communities based along main roads.  However, many remote villages can’t be reached by road. This means that thousands of children from remote and marginalised communities are excluded from education. Literacy rates remain among the lowest in the world – just 10% of people in rural populations can read and write.

However, through improved access to quality education and better infrastructure provided by this project, we’re changing this story. Funded by the UK public and match funded by the UK government, our Happily Ever Smarter project is an example of what can be achieved through hard work and collaboration.

We’re thrilled to share that 18 months in, this project has significantly impacted the lives of 2,404 children so far. By the end of the project, we aim to bring that number to over 8,500 children.

Meet some of the people making this work possible…

Every school we run is supported by an incredible team of talented and inspiring people.

“It’s a contribution to rural Nepalese communities and the dreams of the children who will walk through the doors I’m helping to build.”

Mina, Construction Worker

Meet Mina
– Construction Worker, Gulmi District, Nepal

Mina, a single mother raising two children, has worked tirelessly for the past six years in the UWS Nepal building team and most recently as part of our Happily Ever Smarter project. Her dedication and craftsmanship earn her commendations from everyone around. 

“I receive so much praise for my work from the community and this motivates me to do better every day,” shares Mina with pride.

Mina’s aspirations extend beyond the construction site; they reach into the future she envisions for her children. 

“As a single mother, life has been very difficult for me. I am thankful for my job and UWS Nepal for providing me with a means to support my family and their education.”

“School is like their second home, a place where all children, from different places and families, come to learn. Teachers need to make sure every child feels nurtured.”

Mausami Rai, UWS Teacher

Meet Mausami Rai
– Teacher, UWS Railey School, Nepal

High up in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal lies Railey village, a village which for generations did not have access to quality education. The nearest government school is a 3 hour, round-trip, walk away, up and down steep slopes, which became even more treacherous during the monsoon season. As a result, the majority of children had never been to school.

As part of our Happily Ever Smarter project, UWS aims to build or support schools in 60+ communities across Nepal over a three year period, including Railey village. UWS Railey School was built and opened in the heart of Railey village earlier this year. 

Mausami Rai is a teacher here. She shared:

“To be a great teacher, it’s important to understand each child’s background and requirements to teach them accordingly. School is a place where children can express and explore themselves without any worries.” 

From skilled builders like Mina, to talented teachers like Mausami, to generous supporters like you, this work takes all of us.

We all have a role in ending education poverty.

Thank you.

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