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April 4, 2019

Helen Packer

3 mins

The 2018-19 academic year finished in Myanmar at the end of March, but our schools are still very much in action.

During the three-month break, our Summer School programme takes place across UWS community schools. This is designed to support children who speak indigenous dialects. With over 100 native dialects spoken across Myanmar, many tribal groups across the country are unable to speak the national language, Burmese. For the children of these groups, school can be a challenge as they struggle to follow a curriculum taught in Burmese. This puts these children at particular risk of dropping out of school.  

UWS Summer Schools focus on language skills, allowing students to improve their Burmese so they can more easily participate in lessons when the academic year restarts. As well as helping them to access the national curriculum, learning the national language supports children to access opportunities outside of their own communities. With this skill, they will have a pathway to secondary school and improved job prospects. 

Our Summer Schools also support older students who are reluctant to learn alongside much younger children, but lack the numeracy and literacy skills to join higher grades. This accelerated learning programme helps them get up to speed in time to join their peers at the start of the new academic year. 

This year, we are proud that over 2000 students are attending our Summer Schools in Myanmar. A typical day is two hours long, and activities include group reading sessions as well as learning educational songs and poems.

When the new Myanmar academic year kicks off in June, these students will be able to participate in lessons and continue their educational journey. 


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