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February 14, 2024

United World Schools

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Despite what we typically see in the news, and on social media, the world is flowing with love. In fact, here at UWS, we see love everywhere we go.

It might sound cheesy, but it’s true. From Madagascar to Nepal, to Cambodia to Myanmar – and back again.
Access to quality education changes lives dramatically, but differently. No two stories are ever the same. And yet – love is the common thread in every story we tell.

This week, we’re sharing stories of the generous professionals who put so much passion and care into each UWS school you fund.

“I love my job as a teacher, it’s gorgeous. It’s wonderful to be with my students in lessons. I spend time with them in the library, encouraging them to read books or create art. UWS Pu Korng School is the children’s hope in the village.”

Mr Tich – UWS Teacher in Cambodia

Mr Tich
– UWS Student, now UWS teacher in Cambodia

Despite facing limited educational opportunities as a child in his remote Cambodian village, Mr. Tich’s determination to learn always burned bright. Thanks to your support of UWS, we constructed UWS Pu Korng School in his village, and once he’d finished there, Mr. Tich cycled 15km each day to finish his secondary school studies too. 

“I was a hard-working student. I tried hard in lessons and I did as much homework as I could. After I finished studying at UWS Pu Korng School, I went to Secondary School – it was far to go as  student on my bicycle every day. But I didn’t give up”. 

Now, fueled by that same passion, Mr. Tich has returned to his village, taking up his place as a community teacher at UWS Pu Korng School, and sharing his love of learning with the next generation.

“I am so happy to have joined the team 8 years ago. I get to travel, meet new people and learn many things. People around me are very proud of what we do. The communities we work with adore us and our work.”

Shyam – UWS Construction Worker in Nepal

– UWS Construction Worker, Nepal

18 years ago, Shyam, a construction worker in Nepal, was in a serious accident that led to his hospitalisation and a critical operation. It was a life-changing moment for Shyam and his family.

Despite this hardship, Shyam persevered. He now works as a building officer with UWS Nepal – sharing that:

“Building schools isn’t merely a job, but it’s about crafting opportunities for a better future”.

“Before, we were teaching in poor conditions, under trees or in a wooden hut that couldn’t shelter the children in the heat or when the rain came. But today, this is no more, with UWS we have a school building and frequent training courses for all teachers”.

Goda – UWS Teacher in Madagascar

– UWS Teacher, Madagascar

For many years, when he could, Gola taught lessons to the children in his village under a tree (pictured below).

But, without a salary, this wasn’t something he could do everyday, having to fish or farm to support his livelihood.

UWS opened UWS Beangolo School in September 2022, providing Gola and his colleagues with secure employment, as well as the training opportunities to pursue their careers.

“I have been able to master my work as a teacher, improving the quality of my teaching”.

“Of course there are times when teaching is challenging, or when my lesson plans don’t always work out as I’d hoped. But when I see the students doing well, I feel motivated to give more than what I have”.

Nar Mee Shel – UWS Teacher in Myanmar

Nar Mee Shel
– UWS Teacher, Myanmar

Nar Mee Shel is responsible for the Grade 3 and 4 class at her UWS primary school in Myanmar. Teaching Maths, Burmese and Science, Nar Mee Shel teaches children whose first language is not the national language, Burmese.

A passionate educator, Nar Mee Shel loves her job – through the challenges and rewards of teaching she perseveres. She’s determined to do her very best for each of the students in her care.

“It’s obvious that the students are improving, especially in their language proficiency because when the UWS team visit the school, the students chat to them in Burmese, not their mother tongue”.

You see? Love links our supporters, teams and rural communities, guiding our vision and driving our work.
It allows our teams to be relentlessly dedicated to reaching the most challenging-to-access communities.
It inspires children in London, Berlin, and beyond to raise money for quality education each year.
It empowers mother’s like Falina to push for their children’s more prosperous futures.

Love is as formidable, essential and life-transforming as, well, education is.
Thank you for being part of our mission to love the world by providing sustainable access to quality education. We’re deeply grateful for you.

From UWS, With Love

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