Sitha Nan

UWS Cambodia country director

Personal values: Optimistic, sharing, compassionate

Core skills : Supportive ,inclusive and commit

I am part of UWS because:

Cambodia country is still recovering from the Khmer Rouge genocide when a lot of the population were killed or starved to death. When ‘education’ could lead to your execution. It takes time to recover from that, the Khmer rouge regime has left the people life’s really poor condition with hardships, especially the indigenous people who live in the marginal remote community they got Bent and skinny wearing plastic flip-flops and ragged clothes, often with a child asleep on their backs tightly held by a tradition kroma. Hands like iron from years of subsistence farming, faces weathered by the sun and beaten by the rains. They live under their bamboo and thatched houses in the dirt, cooking on open fires eating only what they can grow. No electricity, no safe water, no roads, health service or welfare state. After seeing all these difficult lives it made me want to help them. That is why I started this project to support them and I believe education will change their life, education is the foundation to everything.

Favourite quote of the moment:

Education is the weapon to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

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